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Green tea originates from the ancient and ancient East in the form of China and Japan. Green tea differs from black tea in the way the tea leaves are treated after they have been picked - otherwise they are exactly the same leaves. Green tea from China

Our tea extracts are made from tea leaves from Indonesia and China. They are manufactured in Germany, and our German manufacturer analyzes the extract and controls the tea plantations where the green tea is grown. The leaves must be processed at the factory as soon as possible after picking to avoid oxygenation, which would otherwise turn the tea leaves into black tea. At the factory, the leaves are quickly received by the tea workers, who quickly heat treat and dry the leaves. Typically, this will take place in a large wok, where they are roasted in a gentle way and with different movements to stop the enzyme activity and thereby the oxygenation process in the leaves. In this way, more plant substances are preserved in the green tea, in contrast to the black tea.


It is about making green tea part of your good habits. Replace the daily cups of coffee with green tea and notice for yourself whether you can feel the positive benefits on your own body. And finally, remember not to pour boiling water over the green tea, but settle for water at 80 degrees, as otherwise you will boil away some of all the good plant substances.