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It is usually recommended that both babies and children receive nutritional supplements, even if they eat a healthy and varied diet. As a rule, these are not very large quantities, but in order to maintain normal and healthy body functions, it is often a good idea to give the child a small supplement so that he does not develop deficiency diseases. On the contrary, it is important that you only use something that is particularly suitable for the child's specific age, as it is not healthy to take too many of the wrong vitamins. That's why we at Bidro have a range of products that are especially suitable for babies and small children. Why Vitamin D? Regardless of what age you are, it is healthy to take extra vitamin D if you do not get enough through the diet or through the sun. In Denmark, it is difficult to get enough sun to cover the vitamin D requirement, and it is therefore essential for you and your body to get a supplement. Since babies and small children should not spend too much time in the sun, it is even more important to have a vitamin D supplement, and since the vitamin promotes the absorption of calcium in the body, it is essential for growing children. Here at Bidro, we have vitamin D drops for babies from 2 weeks, and chewable capsules with vitamin D supplements for children from 3 years. Bring your child into balance with fish oil Some of the most important essential nutrients we need are Omega-3 fatty acids. The fatty acids help your child to concentrate and function socially and academically. Normally, Omega-3 comes from fish, but since fish only makes up a small part of our diet, it is necessary to get a supplement that covers the need. In our range you will find fish oil of the best quality for children aged 3 and up.

Our fish oil is produced in triglyceride form, 93%+, which is the natural and pure form of fish oil. It is the form that the body can absorb best, and the oil has the advantage that it does not taste like fish or cause regurgitation.

All fish oils from Nordic Naturals are cleaned of PCBs, heavy metals and dioxin and analyzed by a third-party institute, - your assurance of a clean product.