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Chlorella is a green algae that grows and is cultivated in fresh water. Algae has become more and more popular over the years, especially in Asia, where it is by far the best-selling food supplement. Now the western countries, including Europe and the Nordic countries, have also begun to open their eyes more and more to the many properties of the green algae. Chlorella contains large amounts of natural chlorophyll. In addition, it contains a high number of proteins and other nutrients. At Bidro, we are proud to be able to offer our customers a chlorella dietary supplement product, which is a 100% pure product. What is Chlorella?

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is the name of a single-celled alga that belongs to freshwater. As the alga contains more chlorophyll (leaf green), it belongs to the green algae. Other algae, such as the blue-green ones (AFA algae or spirulina) are actually bacteria, whereas the green algae are unicellular plants. This algae is full of different nutrients, which make a really good food supplement. Organic and vegan Bidro Chlorella 500 mg contains 63.1% protein. Every batch is analyzed, so you are sure of the quality. No traces of unwanted substances. HOW TO CULTIVATE ALGAE

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is cultivated by exposing it to favorable climatic conditions. This includes, among other things, strong sunlight, clean air and clean water. The combination of these causes the algae to develop very quickly. Our chlorella supplements, which go by the name Chlorella, are first grown in a laboratory under controlled conditions to obtain pure cultures. When the algae have reached a satisfactory size, they are transported outside, where they are placed in large outdoor pools. The pools are far away from Denmark, as the conditions are not suitable - we lack sun! To be precise, the algae is grown in the subtropical part of Taiwan and South China (more specifically the island of Hainan, which is located in South China). Here, the algae have a much greater chance of developing under optimal conditions, in a subtropical climate, lots of sun and far from industrial areas. Our Chlorella is a 100% pure product – so there are no tablet aids or fillers. CLEANSING EFFECT

Many people may experience discomfort in the body if it has been exposed to pollution or unhealthy food for a period of time. Our bodies accumulate many toxins, poisons and waste products. As part of a natural detox, there are therefore many who consume chlorella, as the algae is instrumental in cleansing. In addition, there are many who swear by the green algae because almost half of the content consists of proteins. Proteins are often referred to as the building blocks of muscles, and this is not without reason – the body needs protein to create more muscles. But in addition, protein is also known to satisfy hunger. Protein satiates and keeps hunger at bay for a long time. Chlorella helps maintain normal bowel function. The algae helps to excrete heavy metals and helps to increase the growth of the beneficial microflora in the intestine and to reduce irritation of the intestinal wall. Chlorella also supports the body's vitality. Recommended daily dose for adults: For cleansing: 5 tablets daily distributed throughout the day in connection with meals. When starting, start with 1 tablet/day, gradually increase to 5 tablets/day over a week. For maintenance: 2 tablets daily, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening in connection with meals. PAY ATTENTION TO THE MANUFACTURER

If you want to start consuming algae, it is important to be aware of where the algae comes from. The cheaper brands may be full of fillers. Our algae are organic and 100 percent pure products. They are first grown in a laboratory under controlled conditions to obtain the right cultures. Once they reach a certain size, they are released into the large outdoor pools where they get plenty of sunlight, unlike cheaper brands that let their algae grow in indoor piping systems. This means that there are neither tablet excipients nor fillers in the tablets.