About Bidro

- Our products are natural - We never compromise on quality - We provide a great service to the shops and consumers

Together, the three statements have been the foundation of Bidro ApS, ever since the company was founded in 1988. Bidro ApS specializes in few, but strong, quality products. All products are sourced directly from nature and manufactured gently

Bidro ApS started as a Jutland family business. In his time, it was gymnastics teacher Lis Petersen, Århus, who got the idea to bet on the substance Gelé Royal. A natural supplement for the Danes. It was the starting point for a very popular and respected dietary supplement, namely Bidro.

Today, Marianne Danielsen owns the company Bidro. After working for the company for 10 years, she took it over in 2005. Marianne will continue the company in the same spirit and develop more Gelé Royal products.

Marianne Danielsen has already developed several products since the takeover. The first product was Bidro Kvinder, which many menopausal women enjoy. Another product is Bidro PMS, which many women enjoy in connection with menstruation - PMS.

Bidro Plus Xtra which contains Gele Royal, Schisandra and Rosehip is also a product developed by Marianne – Rosehip: for physical performance and endurance.

We have also developed herbal products, e.g. 6 herbs in Een, InRest and Ledflex

For Bidro, quality means a lot, and we do not compromise on the quality of the products. All the products must be as natural as possible, and the quality of the herbs complies with the legislation. All of our products are registered with the Danish Food Authority.