Royal Jelly

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Royal jelly is also called queen food because it is the food that causes queen bees to grow larger than worker bees. In fact, all caterpillars get royal jelly early in their development, but only those that become queens get it throughout their development period. It is the worker bees that feed the caterpillars with Gele Royal. It is liquid like milk and has a creamy white color. If you open a pupa where the caterpillar gets the substance, you can see a white mass lying in the pupa. The caterpillars get so much of it that they practically swim around in it.

Many people have opened their eyes to Gele Royal: it must be a special substance when it can make the bees grow larger and more viable than the other worker bees. A queen bee, for example, lives for several years, while a worker bee only lives for a month, just as the queen bee can lay around 2000 eggs a day with one fertilization.

Royal Jelly is extracted by beekeepers

Today, Royal Jelly is extracted by beekeepers who set up a hive with artificially produced queen larvae. The worker bees feed the artificial queen larvae, which the beekeeper removes after about three days. It is a lot of work to extract the substance, and each bee colony only produces about 500 grams in a season. With a content of amino acids, proteins, fats, vitamins, sugar and minerals, Royal Gel is a popular ingredient in both beauty products and as a dietary supplement.


At Bidro, since the beginning in 1988, we have utilized the many advantages of Gele Royal in our products. We have developed several different products in the Bidro Gele Royal series, and by adding extra vitamins and minerals to products, the effect of Gele Royal is strengthened. Our product range is wide ranging and can help you with various health challenges that arise throughout life. We have products for menopausal women and for those who want more physiological well-being during their menstrual cycle.


Bidro offers a really helpful product for women in menopause. In addition to Royal Jelly, we have chosen to add sage and red clover. Bidro Kvinder also contains magnesium, which helps maintain bones and helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

The product also contains vitamin B6, which helps to regulate the hormonal activity of those who consume it.

Red clover helps maintain a calm and comfortable menopause / helps women manage symptoms associated with menopause such as hot flashes, sweats, restlessness and irritability.

Sage contributes to moderate sweating/ helps to sweat normally, helps to improve well-being.