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If you have dry and sensitive skin, then our skin care products with royal jelly (the food of the queen bee) and willow extract may be something for you. Willow extract has a natural softening peeling that gently cleanses the skin in depth and works throughout the day. In addition, the skin care products contain shea butter, oil from olives and silk protein, which provide moisture to the skin. Many people experience sensitive skin as a result of using facial creams and cleansers that are full of harsh chemicals. By using 100 percent natural skin care, you are free from all the chemical substances that can make dry and irritated skin even worse. At the same time, you also protect the environment, as the willow extract used is extracted without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers and completely according to ecological principles.

Effective against dry skin

If you suffer from delicate, sensitive, dry or irritated problem skin, then the skin care products with willow extract and royal jelly are right for you. Sensitive skin can be expressed when the skin is exposed to environmental nuisances such as sudden temperature changes, heat or cold and pollution in the air. The skin can also react to the consumption of spicy food or alcohol, just as harsh skin care products and hard water can cause discomfort. The sensitive skin typically manifests itself in the form of redness, tingling, itching and a feeling of tightness. It is far from a rare phenomenon to suffer from sensitive skin. 62 percent of all women state that they experience problems with irritable skin. If you are one of those who know the feeling of irritated skin, then it is important to choose the right care products specifically for problem skin that are free of harsh ingredients - and use as few products and chemicals on the face as possible.


Bidro's skin care products contain willow extract, which for thousands of years has been used by cultures all over the world due to its positive properties - this applies to both the North American Indians, the medicine experts in ancient China and the philosophers in ancient Greece. Among other things, willow extract is known to contain large amounts of salicylic acid, an ingredient that has been tried to be imitated many times in laboratories, as it has a peeling effect that has proven effective against, among other things, impure skin.