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At Bidro you will also find many other products that do not immediately fall into any of the other categories. What they all have in common is that they are natural, developed with love for nature and with the best ingredients and without compromising on the high quality. Our products are aimed at those who care about their body, natural well-being and the environment. Our everyday lives are full of unnecessary chemicals and additives that burden our bodies and the world around us. Bidro's products are of high quality and intended for those who want to do a little extra to ensure that their head and body are in the best possible balance. From apple cider to teddy bears With us you can find, among other things, an apple cider vinegar that has won an award for best organic product - it is perfect to start the day with or for use in cooking. You can also find our bee teddy bears, which symbolize Bidro's core product – the beneficial royal jelly (queen food) – which is present in almost all of our products and will surely bring joy to a child or a childish soul you know ? You can also find our popular herbal products and other natural nutritional supplements. FOCUS ON SERVICE

Good service and customer satisfaction are paramount, and for us the most important thing is that you have a good experience when you shop with us and that you also enjoy your products. When you buy on our webshop, we of course deliver all the goods to the whole of Denmark, with the exception of Greenland and the Faroe Islands. But you can also buy Bidro's products in physical stores. Look for our logo in, among other places, Matas and various health food stores around the country.