Organic Aspall Apple Cider Vinegar

45,00 kr

Organic apple cider vinegar from Aspall, with a delicate taste of apple and a pleasant aftertaste. The product contains 500 ml. The apple cider vinegar is unfiltered and not pasteurized, therefore it preserves the bacteria from the mother of vinegar. The company Aspall has a special history as founders of "the Soil Association" and as a pioneer for the development of the "trickle feed" process, which produces the best vinegars. Aspall is a recognized company and has won many awards for their high-quality products. Store cool and dark. Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar* (100%) If an ingredient is marked with a *, it is 100% organic. Application Shake before use, as precipitation occurs. Drink it diluted in water, or use it in cooking, for dressings and marinades.