Organic Darjeeling Black Tea 20 tea bags

38,95 kr

Darjeeling Black Tea organic from English Tea Shop 20 letters from English Tea Shop Ingredients: Organic black Darjeeling (100%) The English Tea Shop brand is much more than a tea brand. It is a lifestyle. The tea is brewed on love and respect. Love for high quality and love for our land. Respect for the surrounding community and not least for the tea growers and the local community. All outer packaging is sustainable and compostable. The sustainable tea from English Tea Shop is: • Organic • Produced by local farmers on small plantations, where there is a focus on sustainability and respect for the environment, i.e. - That artificial fertilizers are not used - That there is a focus on optimal cultivation of the soil to avoid erosion - That there is a focus on waste management - That the farmers receive proper payment for their tea (Fair Trade) - That there is a focus on CO2- discharge throughout the process. Therefore, the packaging of the tea takes place e.g. 100% manual to emit as little CO2 as possible. English Tea Shop takes pride in planting a solid footprint in the local community. This happens partly through reasonable tea production, and partly by constantly improving conditions for employees and the tea growers with, among other things, training programmes, health insurance, eye clinics, etc.