Organic Wellness Collection of Tea

115,00 kr

A beautiful gift box with organic tea from the English Tea Shop. The contents of the gift box have been selected to focus on the well-being of the body, and can therefore be enjoyed as needed. The tea varieties all have a very special effect for the consumer. The sustainable tea from English Tea Shop is: • Produced by local farmers on small plantations, where there is a focus on sustainability and respect for the environment, i.e. - That artificial fertilizers are not used - That there is a focus on optimal cultivation of the soil to avoid erosion - That there is a focus on waste management - That the farmers receive a proper payment for their tea (Fair Trade) - That there is a focus on CO2 emissions throughout the process. Therefore, the packaging of the tea takes place e.g. 100% manual to emit the least possible CO2. This box is made of recycled tin, and there is no plastic in the packaging, the tea leaves are in a cardboard form and no wrap is used around the tea leaves. Contents: 6 pieces. Beautiful Me - Organic herbal tea with chamomile, gotu kola, hibiscus, cinnamon, rooibos, cocoa, orange, beetroot, cranberry and rose petals. Ingredients: Chamomile* 22.5%, -gotu kola* (pennywort) 21%, hibiscus* 16%, cinnamon* 12%, rooibos* 9%, cocoa* 9%, orange peel* 5%, beetroot* 3%, cranberry juice * 2%, rose petals* 0.5%. 6 pieces. 6 pieces. Pure Me - Organic peppermint herbal tea with mint, fenugreek, fennel seeds and elderflower. Ingredients: Peppermint* 32%, mint* 16%, fenugreek* 12%, fennel seed* 10%, elderflower* 8%, turmeric* 5%, lemon peel* 5%, nettle* 4%, rosemary* 3%, licorice* 3 %, marigold* 2%. Contains licorice, so if you suffer from high blood pressure, only drink in appropriate quantities. 6 pieces. Happy Me - Organic lemongrass herbal tea with apple, orange peel and spices. Ingredients: Lemongrass* 34%, apple* 22%, orange peel* 14%, ginger root* 12%, cardamom* 8%, coriander* 4%, cinnamon* 4%, marigold leaves* 2%. 6 pieces. Sleepy Me - Organic chamomile herbal tea with lavender buds, hop leaves and medicinal valerian. - Chamomile helps to relax, both physically and mentally. - Chamomile contributes to maintaining healthy sleep. Ingredients: Chamomile* 62%, lavender buds* 12%, hop leaves* 11%, valerian* 11%, lemon balm* 4%. 6 pieces. Calm Me - Organic herbal tea with cinnamon, peppermint, licorice and lavender. Ingredients: Cinnamon* 40%, peppermint* 31%, licorice* 15%, lavender buds* 14%. Contains licorice, so if you suffer from high blood pressure, only drink in appropriate quantities. 6 pieces. Shape Me - Organic green tea with cinnamon, ginseng, ginger and acai berry. Ingredients: Green tea* 54%, cinnamon* 23%, ginger* 13%, ginseng* 6%, acai berry* 4%.