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The bees' secret ingredient

Royal jelly is also called queen jelly and is the name for the food that the worker bees feed the small bees with so that they can become large queen bees. The queen bees live several years compared to the worker bees, who only live a few months, so it is therefore a very special ingredient.

Many have therefore become particularly interested in royal jelly, as it must be a special substance when it can cause the individual car larva to become so much larger and more viable than the others. At Bidro, we have used the ingredients in Royal Jelly in our products and added extra vitamins and minerals. But you can also get royal jelly in its pure form if you wish.


The bees' ingredient is far from a new discovery. In fact, royal jelly is described in books that are close to 2000 years old. It was in the East and ancient China that royal jelly was first discovered and used. Today, royal jelly is extracted by beekeepers who set up a hive with elaborately produced queen larvae. The worker bees feed the larvae, which are then removed after approximately three days, so that the beekeepers can harvest the pure royal jelly. It is a lot of work, because each bee colony only produces about 500 grams in a season.