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Red clover against hot flashes

Red clover is a common herb that is found in many places in Denmark. You can find it in several nutritional supplements and especially in nutritional supplements for women in menopause, as red clover can often be used to alleviate various symptoms associated with this.   Red clover in food supplements for menopausal women Around 75% of menopausal women experience discomfort such as sweating, palpitations and poor sleep. If you yourself are or have been through menopause, you probably know everything about it, and you know how it can affect everyday life and be a really big burden.   Now it turns out that many of the mentioned genes can be reduced by a daily intake of the widespread herb red clover. Among other things, the herb can help bring the level of estrogen more into balance and thus contribute to reducing the number of hot flashes and sweats. Thus, red clover as a dietary supplement can contribute to a calmer and more pleasant menopause, where nuisances such as restlessness and irritability are also reduced.   Buy your dietary supplement at Bidro At Bidro, we want to help you who experience unpleasant discomfort in connection with the menopause. That is why we have developed a dietary supplement specifically for women in menopause. We call it Bidro Women, and it contains a combination of royal jelly, magnesium, sage, red clover and vitamin B6. Of course, red clover has the mentioned positive effects in relation to discomfort associated with the menopause and in combination with sage, which contributes to moderate sweating and well-being, you get a product that can help you in many ways. In this way, you can have a calmer and more pleasant menopause, which does not interfere with your everyday life and your daily well-being to the same extent.