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What is B6 vitamin?

Vitamin B6 is a collective term for pyridoxine, pyridoxal and pyridoxamine, which all have the same effect. Vitamin B6 is absorbed through the small intestine and has many good properties and benefits for the body. Vitamin B6 contributes, among other things, to:

- Maintain energy metabolism

- Maintain the function of the immune system - Reduce fatigue and exhaustion

- Regulate hormone activity

Vitamin B6 is found in many different foods, and the most important sources are lean meat, including poultry and fish, vegetables, whole grain products and milk. However, it happens that the majority of the B6 vitamin breaks down during frying, boiling or exposure to too much light, but if you are aware of this, the vitamin is easy to get through a varied diet Lack of vitamin B6 is rare, but in some periods of life, it may still be necessary to get vitamin B6 as a dietary supplement, as many will experience that the need for vitamin B6 will increase in connection with e.g. . illness, stress or very hard work for long periods. 6 vitamins for you during menopause Menopause is a difficult period for many women, and it is a period that can present symptoms such as mood swings, sleep disturbances, fatigue and hot flashes. For example, B6 can contribute to the regulation of hormone activity, and this can largely mean that you, as a woman, will avoid some of the discomforts that occur during menopause. In addition, B6 contributes to reducing fatigue and exhaustion, which is also something many women suffer from during and after menopause. For example, you can consider a dietary supplement such as Bidro Kvinder. This dietary supplement has a high content of vitamin B6, and can therefore be helpful in relation to some of the problems that can occur in connection with the menopause. At the same time, the dietary supplement also contains Royal Jelly, magnesium and red clover, and overall, the dietary supplement will be able to help you have a calmer and more pleasant menopause with a minimum of sweats and other unpleasant discomforts. OTHER GOOD TYPES OF B VITAMINS

In addition to vitamin B6, there are also other good types of vitamin B that are important for your body. Most B vitamins are found in many foods. They are therefore relatively easy for the body to get hold of, which is why, fortunately, we rarely see a lack of B vitamins. B2 also has many good properties, and is actually vital, as it is important for the body's cells to generate energy. In addition, vitamin B2 is important for the skin and vision, and contributes to maintaining normal vision. B12 contributes to maintaining the normal function of the nervous system and metabolism. In addition, it contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells, and vitamin B12 can therefore help prevent anemia. Like the other B vitamins, B12 deficiency is rare, but B12 can only be obtained through animal products, and therefore as a vegetarian or vegan you must pay extra attention to getting the necessary amount of B12.