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Take vitamins for healthier hair

Take vitamins for healthier hair

If you want to have healthy and full hair, it is important that you make sure you give your hair the care it deserves. You do this, among other things, by investing in good, nourishing hair products of high quality. In our range you will find both Bidro Shampoo and Bidro Balsam. The products are of high quality and contain both organic willow extract and organic Gele Royal, which helps add moisture to your scalp. In addition, our products are also rich in nourishing and active ingredients, so you can strengthen your hair and care for your scalp.


However, your hair doesn't just need conditioning hair products to stay healthy and strong. In order to have healthy hair, it is important that you have a healthy body and that you make sure you get the various vitamins that the body needs. If you experience hair loss or notice that your hair has started to thin, it may be a sign that your body lacks some of the important vitamins, minerals and nutrients. If you want to make sure that you are giving your hair the best conditions to stay healthy and strong, you may therefore need to start taking nutritional supplements.


Minerals for the hair

Zinc and selenium are two minerals with scientifically proven positive effects on the hair. In general, both zinc and selenium contribute to normal hair, so if your hair is damaged, you should therefore pay attention to whether you are getting enough of these minerals. In addition, selenium deficiency in particular can result in various symptoms such as thinning hair and increased hair loss. If you experience these symptoms, a supplement of selenium will often be able to restore part of the strength in the hair, so that you can have healthy, strong and well-groomed hair.


Dietary supplement developed for the hair

At Bidro, we have developed Bidro Skin, Hair and Nails, which is an obvious choice of dietary supplement for those of you who experience thin and damaged hair, or simply want to maintain your hair in the best possible way. The product contains, among other things, selenium and zinc, which with their positive effects are essential for maintaining normal and healthy hair. Selenium contributes to maintaining normal nails and normal hair, and at the same time zinc also contributes to maintaining both normal hair, normal nails and normal skin. Another benefit of zinc is that it helps to protect the cells against oxidative stress. In addition, the product also contains collagen, biotin, lutein, organic royal jelly, vitamins and minerals. Here, biotin also contributes to maintaining normal mucous membranes and normal skin.


The dietary supplement has been developed for hair, skin and nails and provides you with a number of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients. However, the dietary supplement should never replace a regular healthy and varied diet and lifestyle.