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The bees' secret ingredient

Royal jelly is also called queen jelly and is the name for the food that the worker bees feed the small bees with so that they can become large queen bees. The queen bees live several years compared to the worker bees, who only live a few months, so it is therefore a very special ingredient.

Many have therefore become particularly interested in royal jelly, as it must be a special substance when it can...

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Red clover against hot flashes and menopause with red clover extract

Up to 75 percent of all women experience discomfort due to menopause. Virtually all discomforts and problems are due to the woman's production of estrogen falling with age. The genes vary from woman to woman, and there is also a big difference in when the menopause occurs. For some women it starts at the age of 45, while others only when they turn 60.

  Red clover helps maintain a calm and comfortable menopause and...

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What is fish oil good for and how does fish oil work?

A good fish oil is a very versatile dietary supplement with many benefits, but what does it actually consist of and what is fish oil good for? Here you can read about why fish oil is good for the body and what effect it has.

A natural balance

Fish oil and cod liver oil (Cod Liver Oil) contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which are important substances that we need to get in our diet. Omega-3 belongs to...

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